Monday, 27 January 2014

A Delhi Welcome

The voyage to India was as can be expected: one missed connection due to a frozen engine and one lost bag due to . . . actually, we're still not sure why. Nonetheless, Delhi welcomed us at 4am, and we celebrated with a toast of India's finest red wine: a Merlot aged in copper chai barrels. Okay, maybe not. 

Our first "full" day began only a few hours after our arrival. We managed to navigate our way through the bustling streets of Delhi to the tranquility of the Fulbright Office grounds, where we were met by two warm and welcoming USIEF coordinators. 

Both provided us with helpful information to prevent us from getting thrown out of India or held indefinitely. In fact, every tip and guideline they presented was prefaced with the resounding phrase, "Now, this is very important." Although we departed the office with no recollection of the content of these pointers, we are confident that we left a lasting impression with our incoherent sentences and blank, open-mouth stares. Jet lag or the 4am wine? 

A series of naps followed before we made our way to Zaffran, a restaurant in Connaught Place, for some Mugali fare of cauliflower served in a dum, yellow lentils, raita, roti, Kingfisher, and, yes, another glass of Indian red wine. Why?  Still unsure. 

A short, random excerpt from a riveting conversation with our server, who now hates us: 

Server: "Are you ready to order?"

T & t: "Um, almost. Another minute?"

Server: "Yes."

one minute later

Server: "Are you ready to order?"

T & t: "Uh, well. One more minute?"

Server: "Okay."

conversation repeats at least three more times

Server: "Are you ready to order?"

T & t: "One more minute?" 

Server: "Only one more minute. That's it."

And that wraps up day one. More to come.

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