Friday, 31 January 2014

“Sir, I absolutely love your perfume.”

(from Saturday, January 18, 2014)

Because we are obsessed with South Indian food, we decided it was only appropriate to learn just how the magic happens. A small group of us eager learners, armed with notebooks, hovered around the portable gas hotplate (think high-powered camp stove) on Anu’s rooftop. Attempts to take meticulous notes on her process were quickly and unanimously dismissed, as ingredients were added, mixtures were tasted, and flavors were adjusted. In the end, a spread of ragi dosas, idlis, rice/millet upma, and chutneys graced the countertops, and we gathered on the floor to enjoy our creations.

(Anu makes sure it tastes just right!)

(food coma) 

In other news: We found a “permanent” home in the nearby village of Vijanagar! The flat is on the second level of a family of three. Not only are they the sweetest, most accommodating couple, but also their five-year old son has already recruited Taylor for his cricket team.

We celebrated the lease signing in the only way we know how: Up Beat Lager, Karnataka's local beer.

Favorite quote of the day, as we are sitting in the back of the rickshaw applying our high-powered bug repellant: “Sir, I absolutely love your perfume.”  J

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