Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Southern Hospitality

Delhi departure day!

Although this flight experience, from Delhi to Bangalore, is much smoother than the one to Delhi, we still find ourselves in a bind when we realize we have to pay for an extra checked bag. Not a huge deal, but we both begin the self-loathing over our seemingly excessive packing. When we arrive in Bangalore, Manju, another DAT Fulbrighter (and Principal of Delhi Public School Bangalore North), greets us with huge hugs.

After a tour of the school’s massive campus, Manju sets us up in the guesthouse on the school’s grounds. The room is much more than we imagined – a huge bed, private bathroom, large windows, and a packed fridge of probiotics. Before we can even put down our bags, Manju’s on-site staff welcomes us with fresh coconut water – our favorite! An extensive Indian feast follows, thanks to our gracious host. 

Our evening is spent on the quiet, isolated campus. We nap, we run (we get chased by dogs) we eat (thanks to Manju’s staff), and we sleep, again.  Jet lag continues.

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