Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Just Another Day in Delhi: A Dusty Run, Savory Paneer, and “My Heart Will Go On”

From the 21st floor of our Delhi hotel room, we spotted an open, dirt field," so, naturally, we thought it would be a perfect place to run. Upon exploration, we learned the space was actually a schoolyard. The security guard, quite obviously, did not want us to go trotting around during school hours, and the high -powered rifled slung across his shoulder was enough to detour us from disobeying this request. While anyone who has been to Delhi will know, running on the sidewalk or on the road is nearly impossible, but we were in luck because next to the schoolyard was an oversized walkway that was approximately 300 meters in length. And anyone who knows T & t can infer what transpired: We ran up and down the stretch nearly 20 times. Not only did this attract the attention of nearby group of security guards, who wanted to know our "lap time," but also our efforts inspired the fitness of an older man who went from walking to running his dog. He didnt exactly thank us for raising the expectations of his fitness routine, but we sensed his gratitude through the endless hellos we exchanged with every lap. There it is Delhi!

To make the most of our short stint in Delhi, we spent the rest of the day as tourists with a visit to the Red Fort, lunch at Karim's (best palak paneer ever, at least so far), and a step literally inside the adjacent mosque. 

We rounded out our day with a Punjabi meal at Gulati Restaurant in Khan Market, where Taylor, quite thoughtfully recorded the following observation on his napkin: 

We are purposefully seated at a big table VIP style with a wee bit of pink neon lights glowing behind us. Crowd is happy and family-focused with a hilarious instrumental of Celion Dions My Heart Will Go On playing in the background. As always, we ask the waiter for one more minute several times; each time we are met with a noticeable head wobble.

Yes, that pretty much captures this experience.

Goodnight, Delhi.

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